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Volunteer Program

  •  Development Program


There are fun and exciting opportunities waiting for interested individuals or groups who want to offer their skills, time, and talents to our efforts. Our volunteers are exposed to amazing learning opportunities while helping around the Center (or in the field) and contributing to the conservation of the Philippine Eagles. Interested volunteers can help and contribute in our education, zoo support, research, and special events programs.


Our volunteer program falls into these four categories:

  1. Research and Conservation

    You can contribute to the gathering of data about the Philippine Eagles. In the exciting Research and Conservation program, you will help in telemetry, photo collection, and Information Education Campaign (IEC) in the communities near eagle territories as our team goes on fieldwork.

  2. Conservation Education

    Help impart the knowledge and importance of saving the Philippine Eagles through our Conservation Education program. This is the center and urban based education arm of the PEF where we educate our guests about the Philippine Eagles and its vital role in our environment. You will guide guests around the center and give them a more effective educational experience. You will also help develop information and education materials and disseminate it in our School Caravan, Open Classroom Project and IEC programs. Your aid will help influence more people to help protect the Philippine Eagles.

  3. Conservation Breeding

    Help the PEF achieve its goal of increasing the Philippine Eagles’ population. In the Conservation Breeding program, you can assist the team in documenting behavioral observations on the Philippine Eagles. You can also become a keeper’s assistant and help our staff prepare the nutritional requirements and maintenance of the animals in the Center.

  4. Development Program

    Are you social media- savvy and have great people skills? Use these for a noble cause and help the Development program fuel the PEF’s operations through fund raising and communications. You will help come up with exciting concepts to raise resources and awareness of saving our Philippine Eagles. You will also help people get connected to the PEF through social media outlets and engaging a wider audience.

How to become a PEF volunteer

Your time, dedication, talents and skills are needed in the conservation work!

Time commitment is a must. Trainings and activities of certain volunteer positions require a period of time to accomplish. For instance, Keeper Aids need to allot a whole day per week for one year. Other positions such as education volunteers need to complete a fixed number of hours of service within a year. There are also short-term opportunities available such as assisting with our special events and clerical work.

We have an age preference of 13 years old and above for most of our volunteer positions. However, we welcome anyone who is willing to contribute to the cause and has a love for wildlife and conservation.

You can make a difference! Be a PEF Volunteer.

Join forces with the committed community of PEF volunteer, and save and protect the Philippine Eagle's habitat and address global threats.

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