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Adoptor: Cebu Pacific
As of October 2015

MINDANAO is a 13-year old male captive-bred eagle. He was raised through a combination of hand and puppet rearing. He is a bird ambassador for education.

Mindanao is in good health based on his recent physical check-up. He is 250 grams heavier than he was last year but is physically fit. His food ration will be lessened to make sure that he doesn’t become overweight. Once in a while Mindanao is transferred to an available enclosure to do flight practice to keep him fit and active. This is part of his preparation for the next breeding season.

Due to enclosure and pair unavailability, we were not able to do a pairing attempt with Mindanao last season. The lack of enclosure has been a serious hindrance in pairing up more birds at the Center. Hopefully, in the coming breeding season, we will have the opportunity to pair Mindanao with an available female eagle.

Mindanao is doing well on his stump. As one of the Philippine Eagle Center’s bird ambassadors, he continually inspires the public to know more about the species. He is also one of the two most photographed birds at the Center.

Midnanao has a crucial role in the captive breeding and conservation education efforts of the mission. His progress is made possible by the support and partnership of his adoptor Cebu Pacific.