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Adoptor: Philippine Airlines
As of March 2016

Sinag turns three months today. To help the bird adjust to the natural surroundings, Sinag spends about two hours each day outside of its air- conditioned room. It is placed in an enclosure in the isolation area of the Center where it can see “Mabuhay” a juvenile Philippine eagle at its adjacent enclosure. This is to expose Sinag to the natural behavior of the species. Sinag was very curious of its surroundings during the first day that it was brought outside. It kept standing and looking around reacting to various sights and sounds around the enclosure.

Rabbit carcass was introduced to Sinag to teach and encourage it to feed on its own, as it is now starting to grab its food with its talons. Next week, the bird will spend time longer outside until it is able to adjust to natural temperature and stay in the sunning pen inside the enclosure. Currently Sinag is placed in a basin with leaves and twigs to simulate a nest. This is used for transferring the bird from the air-conditioned room to the enclosure.

Sinag’s growth and progress is made possible through the support of its adoptor Philippine Airlines.