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Adoptor: Staffhouse International Resources
As of January 2016


Tiwala was able to produce semen in the recent breeding season. His keeper used this to inseminate two female eagles. However, they did not lay any fertile egg. But the bond between Tiwala and his keeper is promising. Tiwala’s keeper is optimistic that in the next season Tiwala will continue to produce semen and hopefully get to sire his first offspring.

As one of the first captive-bred birds, Tiwala’s breeding success will be another milestone in the mission. Tiwala’s role is important in producing the next generation offspring to help augment the dwindling population of the Philippine Eagle. The PEF team is working doubly hard to make sure that Tiwala remains healthy and safe and be able to breed in the next season.

Tiwala is in good condition based on his recent physical check-up. He has good musculature and is 150 grams lighter than his weight last year. Live feeding is regularly done as an enrichment activity for Tiwala to practice his hunting skills and to keep him fit.

Tiwala’s progress is made possible through the generosity and support of his adoptor Staffhouse International Resources.