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Adoptor: Pacific Paint (Boysen) Phils., Inc.
As of April 2014

Pin-Pin’s pairing attempt with a male eagle is promising. The previous season was their first time to be adjacent to each other and they have not shown any aggression. This tells us that both captive birds have adjusted to each other’s presence. Hopefully this will translate to courtship behavior in the next season.

Pin-Pin is in good condition based on the results of her physical check-up. Though she is still slightly fat, her weight decreased by 400 grams from last year. Her food ration is adjusted accordingly to maintain a healthy weight that is fit for the next breeding season. Aside from this, a new enrichment will also be introduced to tone her wing muscles also to prepare her for the next season. Live feeding is still being done regularly for the Philippine eagles at the Center as exercise and to improve their hunting skills.

Pin-Pin’s pairing success is critical in our efforts to augment the dwindling population of the Philippine Eagle. Pin- Pin’s continuous progress is made possible through the support of her adoptor Boysen.