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Adoptor: Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp.
As of May 2014

Pag-asa has been observed having good breeding behavior last season. However, no egg was fertilized using its semen. This was probably because his and the female eagle’s peak breeding behaviours were not synced.

As of his last physical check-up, the bird has increased in weight. He is now the heaviest male with a weight range that encompasses that of a female. Recently, a large lump was seen on the birds left tarsus near the knee. The lump was checked for bacterial or fungal growth as well as signs of tumor. Fortunately, all the results were negative. The lump might just have been an inflammation due to its frequent aggressive behavior, such as wing slapping on the perch.

To prevent further stress, Pag-asa was transferred to an isolated area to help minimize its aggressive behavior. As soon as the breeding season commences, he will again be brought back to his enclosure within the exhibit area. Feeding is now every other day to bring down its weight in preparation for the next season.

Last February, Pag-asa’s offspring Mabuhay turned one year old. And based on the eagle’s weight and physical characteristics, Mabuhay’s gender is female.