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Adoptor: Allied Botanical Corp.
As of March 2016


Bighani is in good health based on his recent check-up. His weight increased by 150 grams compared to last year. Off breeding season, the eagles’ food ration is given every other day to make sure they don’t become overweight for the next season.

We hope to transfer Bighani to a bigger enclosure soon so he can practice his breast muscles for flight and keep them strong. He is very energetic and likes to hang on the screen of his enclosure. He could do a lot more physical activities if he were in a larger enclosure. However, due to limited space at the Center, Bighani and the other Philippine eagles are kept in smaller enclosures longer than planned.

We also cannot add bigger enclosures for pairing because of the limited space and lack of funds. Because of the unavailability of enclosure we have yet to pair Bighani with a female eagle. We hope to get further support from our partners to address this problem and be able to do more pairing attempts in the coming season.

Through Allied Botanical Corp.’s continued partnership and support, we can move forward with our captive breeding efforts for Bighani to help augment the dwindling population of the species.